Traditionalists Be Damned — More Football This Weekend Is A Good Thing

It’s Wild Card Weekend in the NFL, and thanks to the revenue-hungry environment that COVID-19 has thrust upon our nation’s professional sports leagues, we will have two extra playoff games to enjoy over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

I’m an admitted traditionalist when it comes to most things sports-related, but the NFL’s expanded playoff format isn’t going to get me all worked up. For one, there’s been so many changes to the NFL during my lifetime (when I started watching pro football it was a 14-game season, kickoffs took place from the 40, and the goal posts were at the front of the end zone), that I don’t feel any sort of “tradition” tied to how the league runs its postseason tournament.

Besides, we aren’t adding on extra rounds to the tournament, just one more team allowed in from each league combined with one less first-round bye. These changes give us the gift of bonus action over the coming weekend. In fact, not only can I live with it, but I’m excited about the new format, and have already mapped out my weekend viewing plans, arranging any and all familial obligations around kickoff times.

So with all due respect to the folks that aren’t quite done crying about the Eagles shameless tank job last Sunday night, or who want more time spent wondering how the Jets will misstep once again in identifying their next head coach (a Marvin Lewis rumor today –hmmm, not sure that gets the Gang Green faithful striking up the J-E-T-S chant, does it?), we here at SportsAttic are moving steadfastly ahead into the world of January Football.

And what better way to begin the New Year than by dusting off the old SportsAttic Six Pics for the upcoming Wildcard Weekend (home team in ALL CAPS as always)?

Here we go, gridiron fans:

Colts (+6.5) over the BILLS — Things have proceeded far too smoothly for the Bills over these last few weeks as they locked up the AFC East (first division title since 1995!) while barely breaking a sweat, and it may be time to remind them they are still the Buffalo Bills. The Colts boast both a strong run defense and a rejuvenated rushing attack behind rookie Jonathan Taylor, not to mention they are guided by the superior head coach in Frank Reich (no, we still aren’t over Sean McDermott puking all over Buffalo’s last playoff game almost exactly a year ago). This one may come down to which QB makes the fewest mistakes, and that doesn’t bode well for the Colts with the rapidly-deteriorating Philip Rivers under center. Still, six-and-a-half feels like too many points to give for this one. Look for the Bills to advance, but it won’t be easy on the Buffalo faithful. (Bills, 24-20)

Rams (+3.5) over the SEAHAWKS — Rams QB John Wolford, in his NFL debut, ran for a team-high 56 yards last week in their playoff-clinching win over the Cardinals. Who was the last Rams QB to grind out that many yards on the ground, you ask? If you guessed Roman Gabriel back in 1967, you would be correct (how can anyone not be a sucker for a Roman Gabriel tidbit?). If I were a Rams fan, I might just hope L.A. decides to give Jared Goff one more week to heal up, and reloads with Wolford on Saturday. The kid threw for an additional 237 yards a week ago, and generally looked eons more confident than Goff did the last time he was calling the snaps. The Seahawks come into the playoffs on a roll, winning their last four on their way to the division title, and the shocking holes in their defense that were exposed earlier in the season appear to be firmed up. The Seattle offense maintains quick strike ability behind Russell Wilson, and Terrence Metcalf is fun to watch anytime he gets his hands on the ball, but the lack of Seattle’s vaunted 12th-man advantage will matter here. Look for the Rams stout defense paired with Sean McVay’s offensive innovation to do just enough for the upset. (Rams, 20-19)

Buccaneers (-8.5) over WASHINGTON — Talk about just happy to be here. The Don’t-Call-Us-Redskins-Anymores keep texting one another to make sure no one from the NFL offices has called to say it was all a big mistake, and a horrible team like theirs simply can’t be allowed to participate in the NFL Playoffs. The Washington Football Team is in, but it will end here. In no way will that dilute our respect and admiration for everything Alex Smith did to not just get back on the field after nearly losing a leg, but to deliver results in the form of a division title to the success-starved D.C. fans. But look at the weapons on the other side of this matchup, folks. Brady and Gronk and Evans and Jones and and and…this one will be over very early. (Bucs, 37-17).

Ravens (-3.5) over the TITANS — Yes, we are going with another road warrior in the early game on Sunday’s slate. The Ravens (SportsAttic’s Super Bowl LV pick, for those keeping track), were the team everybody in both conferences hoped would fall just short of the playoffs. But here they are, and teams peaking as they head into the playoffs are the most dangerous. Add to that the Ravens’ revenge factor dating to a year ago when the Titans sent top-seeded Baltimore packing in their division round upset, and this one lines up as one hell of a contest. Tennessee shouldn’t be taken lightly, and all the factors that contributed to their upset a year ago remain in play — most importantly the beast of all beasts in their backfield, 2000-yard rusher Derrick Henry. This should be an old-fashioned slugfest, and could ultimately be decided by whoever wins the coin flip kicking off overtime. Here’s saying that the call is heads, and Lamar Jackson passes and runs his way down the field for the winning TD on the first possession of the extra period. (Ravens, 34-28).

SAINTS (-10) over the Bears — Outside of D.C., there isn’t a group of fans happier than Bears fans, over seeing Washington in the playoffs. Because it spares Chicago the scrutiny and disdain that would otherwise be heading in the Bears’ direction for having the audacity to make the playoffs despite being a lousy football team. Does anyone really see Mitchell Trubisky engineering an upset here? How about keeping it close? Me either. Yes, Chicago has some talent on defense, but this is going to be so lopsided that you might even get a Jameis Winston-sighting in garbage time. Drew Brees tunes up for one more (final?) run up the NFL Playoff mountain, while Bears fans can go back to complaining about what an abysmal, waste of a draft pick Trubisky was. (Saints, 41-10).

STEELERS (-6) over the Browns — So the Steelers get to play “for realsies” this week, right? The Browns aren’t as good as their 11 wins would indicate (when was the last time the Browns won 11, you ask? How about 1994, under a guy named Belichick, whose defensive coordinator was a guy named Saban), but the Steelers may be the worst 12-4 team we’ve seen in a long time, too. Yet it won’t matter in Sunday’s late game, as the Steelers come in looking to send a message across the lake and to the rest of their haters around the league, who love pointing at Pittsburgh’s 1-4 finish as proof that they are overrated. In the end, the haters will be proven correct, but not this week, as Baker Mayfield and the Browns still haven’t shaken off the hangover that followed their playoff-clinching celebration last Sunday. (Steelers, 31-20).

And there you have it, pigskin enthusiasts, the SportsAttic Six Picks — as sure a thing as you’ll find when looking to wager your way to unforeseen riches in 2021.

Happy New Year to all!

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