Let’s All Play Ball


Yesterday afternoon was north of 100 degrees here in NorCal.  Too hot to go outside, but never too hot for a lot of baseball consumption on the tube. Over the course of several hours I watched all or parts of seven different games.  Here’s what happens on a lazy Sunday when you couple baseball binge-watching with a pen and a blank sheet of paper.


Let’s All Play Ball

Hey batter-batter, how ’bout some chatter

     pastime, pickle, Posey, pepper

          Catfish, Puig, Bench…Bob Knepper


Vin and Red, Mookie, Knucksie

     Tinker to Evers, brushback, Dusty

          Monument Park, Brooks, Dave Giusti

               Le Grand Orange — he’s Rusty, too

                    Lefty, Pesky, Shea

                         Vida Blue


Crack of the bat, drag bunt, fungo

     foul tip, Doc, Van Lingle Mungo


Marichal, Clemente, scroogie, Boys of Summer

     Marvelous Marv, Casey, Stretch, sac fly — send the runner

          Splendid Splinter, Joltin’ Joe, Garagiola, balk

               Hank and Sadaharu Oh — caught looking, chalk

                    Veeck and Gaedel, paint the black, Big Train

                         yes, The Hawk


Run on anything — like girls are chasing you

Amazin’ Mets, Campy, Dodger Blue

          hit and run, Dizzy Dean, Black Sox, Alou

               Let’s play two


Billy Bucks, batter’s box, Sparky, Three-Finger Brown

     Gashouse Gang, sunflower seeds, Scooter

          batting crown


Connie Mack, Cracker Jack, fight at the batrack


Wally Joyner, Bob Horner, Kiner’s Korner



Turn two, bad hop, Jose-Jose-Jose

     Bosox, bleacher bums, foul pole, Say Hey


Take a strike, play at the plate, George Brett

     Gaylord, of course

          Ryan Express, Tom Terrific, tag up, Iron Horse

               Cubbies and pinstripes, Chavez Ravine, 6-4 for the force


Fordham Flash, Big Klu, Honus, Cy and Cobb

     Babe and Barry, Shoeless Joe, Goose

          we wuz robbed


Choke up, last licks, Blue Moon, headfirst slide

     can of corn, hit and run, hit by pitch inside

          resin bag, twin bill, Jackie, give it a ride


Field of Dreams, The Natural and Pride of the Yankees

     Eight Men Out, A League of their Own

          Alvin Dark and Stanky


Rain delay, pennant race, hot stove, strike

     Early Wynn, Rapid Robert, ride the pine, spike

          Charlie Hustle, Pee Wee, Hoyt

               Roadrunner Ralphie Garr

                    Fisk and Thurman, Orlando Cepeda

                         Tommy John and pine tar


Infield fly, batter’s out — check swing, kill the ump

     Gates Brown, Mel Ott, spitball, toe the bump


Heater, splitter, circle change — slider and the hook

     strike three, take a seat

          put it in the books





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